Getting Started

How do I get started?

Call or email Dr. Peri to schedule a complimentary phone consultation to discuss availability, rates, and fit. Should you decide to proceed with an initial consultation, Dr. Peri will offer you a 60- to 90-minute consultation via secure teletherapy platform. We recommend ensuring that you have a private and comfortable set up for teletherapy visits. Subsequent individual therapy sessions are typically 45 minutes long, weekly. Family therapy appointments are 60 to 75 minutes.

Does Dr. Peri accept insurance?

Dr. Peri is an out-of-network provider, meaning that she does not accept insurance. Clients are billed monthly, and receive a comprehensive statement via email that can be submitted to insurance for out-of-network reimbursement based on their individual plans and benefits.

What are your rates and how will I be billed?

Please contact our office to discuss rates. Payment is due at the end of each session via cash, check, or credit card, and most clients choose to have a credit card on file that is billed automatically at the end of each month.

How do I know if I have out-of-network benefits?

Great question! Insurance policies can be difficult to understand - this often deters individuals from using their valuable out-of-network benefits. To learn about your insurance policy and whether you have out-of-network benefits, you may do the following:

(1) Visit and scan your insurance card or enter your insurance information, and let them do the work! They will outline your benefits and make it easy to understand what you may claim from your insurance if/when you decide to work with an out-of-network provider like Dr. Peri.

(2) Call your insurance company and ask the following questions:

    • Do I have out-of-network benefits?

    • Do I have a deductible?

    • Is there a separate deductible for mental health treatment?

    • How many sessions per year are covered?

    • How much does the insurance company reimburse for each session? What percentage of the provider's fee will I be reimbursed?

Insurance companies may cover anywhere between 25 to 80% of "usual, customary, and reasonable" (UCR) rates and will often ask for the zip code of the provider, CPT codes, and rates, in order to provide customers with specific information on what they consider UCR. Dr. Peri's zip code is 11021. CPT codes are the procedure codes used by medical professionals and insurance companies to communicate about the types of treatment provided. Your insurance company may ask you to provide the CPT codes for which you will be seeking reimbursements: these typically include CPT code 90791 (initial consultation) and 90834 (individual psychtherapy).

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